EIA projects less than a quarter of the world’s electricity generated from coal by 2050

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) International Energy Outlook 2019 (IEO2019), global electric power generation from renewable sources will increase more than 20% throughout the projection period (2018–2050), providing almost half of the world’s electricity generation in 2050. In that same period, global coal-fired generation will decrease 13%, representing only 22% of the generation mix in 2050. EIA projects that worldwide electricity generation will grow by 1.8% per year through 2050.

Cruise Origin is connected and electric, aims to leave the human-driven car behind

Cruise Origin driverless vehicleGM’s Cruise dedicated a good part of its presentation, of its fourth-generation driverless car called the Cruise Origin, to declaring driving as we know it—and ride-sharing as we know it—obsolete. “This is the end of the human-driven, gasoline-powered single-occupant car, and the beginning of the future—the future…