PREVIEW – UK wind and marine energy business barometer

The UK wind and marine industry is at a pivotal point. The potential for growth is immense, but there are many unanswered questions about how that growth can be achieved, especially in times of economic austerity.

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Guest Blog: driving forward wind and marine in the UK

By Felicia Jackson.

The second UK Wind & Marine Energy Business Barometer, covered recently in a UK, The Times newspaper supplement, Wind & Marine Energy, reveals findings from an annual survey of …

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Scotland takes advantage of Westminster’s mixed messages

In contrast to the mixed messages coming from Westminster in recent times that many believe have constrained renewable energy development in parts of the UK, Scotland has made its renewable energy aspirations c …

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Guest Blog: UK developing fuel cell and hydrogen technology manufacturing and supply chain

By Richard Kemp-Harper, Technology Strategy Board

Over a number of years, the UK’s Technology Strategy Board has built up a good relationship with innovative businesses working i …

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