Examining the relationship between ‘green energy’ and ‘green engineering’

WRITTEN BY CONOR MACGUIRE. Can a green engineering application, system or process be really ‘green’ without manufacturers and service providers first making sure that the energy input too is green? The answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding "no!"

T …

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PV recycling mandate: Industry needs to adapt as new rules take effect

WRITTEN BY JAN CLYNCKE.  It’s no longer just a green thing to do: starting in February the collection, transport and recycling as well as its related financing and administration of discarded end-of-life photovoltaic panels is EU law. One of the most significant change …

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Evaluating the impact of chemical waste: How safety and the bottom line can both benefit

This paper demonstrates that it is possible to reduce chemical costs by identifying and limiting the wastes found in dispensing, storage and application. Reducing these hidden costs will also improve productivity
and health and safety in the workplace.

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