Popularity of new eco-friendly shades of sunglasses is on rise among young generation

Friendly Frenchy, eco-responsible glasses made from seashells

After two years of research and development, the Bretons Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé launched their Friendly Frenchy sunglasses in April 2018. The concept comes from the meeting of their two universes: it comes from catering, it from sport and sustainable development.

As Laurent Pezé explained for Thalassa, France is the leading European producer of seashells and the French are big consumers “All of this has triggered a lot of waste, and we, on an idea of ​​recycling to make EU glasses”, said the entrepreneur.


Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé have established partnerships with restaurateurs, fishing and agrifood professionals from the Brittany and Normandy coasts to recover directly from them scallops, mussels and oysters. The shells are washed, sorted, dried and then crushed, making it possible to obtain frames composed of “100% bio-based material based on vegetable oil and marine by-products”.

The brand claims an entirely French production: the lenses are made in Ain and the frames in Jura. The case is an ecological and recyclable packaging produced in Nantes. Sunglasses, retro and simple, cost between 80 and 250 euros, and have names of shells.

“My ancestors had created a tableting factory. Besides, we inserted, as a signature, a mother-of-pearl on the front face of our glasses, “Sandrine Guyot told Actu.fr.


The two collections offered by Friendly Frenchy – Plage and Solarmor – are sold online and in around sixty stores in France. The couple will soon unveil two new ranges, made from clams or lobster carcasses.

Entrepreneurs also sell solidarity models. They donate 10 euros from the sale of each pair of Surfrider glasses to the association to support its awareness and protection programs for the coast and the oceans. A Friendly French x WWF pair is also sold directly on the association’s website.

Source: (in French): https://www.carenews.com/fr/news/friendly-frenchy-des-lunettes-eco-responsables-fabriquees-a-partir-de-coquillages

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